Prudour™ PayAnywhere


1. Simple. You can use below code to render a button. You can use your custom CSS to apply styles to that button.

	<div data-widget=".preview" class="preview">
		<script type="text/props">
				"reportUrl": "",
				"licenseType": "single",
				"btnText": "Pay Now!",
				"btnStyles": {
					"borderRadius": "5px",
					"border": "2px solid red",
					"color": "black",
					"padding": "12px"

	<script src="" data-mount-in=".preview"></script>

2. Advanced. You can use below code to call a function to start the payment dialog.

	// Create a new PaymentForm. This will query the server and find details of the report.
	var paymentForm = new prudour.payanywhere.PaymentForm({
		"reportUrl": "",
		"licenseType": "single"

	$('.pay-now-btn').click(function () {
		// Optional. Find currently selected licenseType. If you don't have license selector then no need to do this;
		let licenseType; 
		document.getElementsByName('license_type').forEach(function (e) { licenseType = e.checked  ? e.value : licenseType; });

		// Pass the selected licenseType or simply pass null
		// License type must be one of these: 'single' | 'multi' | 'corporate'
<script src=""></script>